Why You Should Invest in a Custom Garage


Are you ready to add a garage to your residence? Do you find yourself looking at plans only to discover they are lacking in one or more ways? Don’t spend your hard-earned money on something that doesn’t meet your needs? Contact us at Midwest Garage Builders, and we’ll help you create your dream garage in less time than you imagined and at a price you can afford. What are some benefits of investing in a custom-designed garage?

More Floor Space

When we design a custom garage for a client, we can ensure every item stored in the space has a home. This means items don’t end up on the ground where they can be tripped over, lost, or broken. No longer will you need to search for the right tool or dig under mountains of clutter to find the item you want. Once the garage is done, every item will have a home.


When designing the garage, ask about flexible configurations when it comes to garage storage. A person’s needs change over time, and the garage should be able to grow with them. Our design team helps clients find the right products for their needs, so they get the most out of this addition to the home.


A garage withstands abuse. The weather takes its toll on any outdoor structure, including the garage, and the building must be able to hold up under prevailing weather conditions. In addition, cars, lawn equipment, seasonal items, and other household goods and yard tools reside in this space. This means the structure is exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Every garage we sell comes with quality craftsmanship and a five-year warranty.

Endless Designs

We offer customers the option of creating a design that meets their specific needs and preferences. Standard garage designs don’t meet the needs of all, and we want to ensure all of our customers have a building they love and cannot wait to use. For this reason, we offer our presidential features selection. With the help of these features, every person can have a one-of-a-kind design.

The Right Size

When you construct a custom garage, you choose the size needed. Some people find they want more vertical spaces in the building, while others want hanging solutions and taller storage cabinets. The options are endless when you choose to build from the bottom up. You can even add designated areas for equipment or machinery. Our team works to make your dream a reality.


Your garage contains some of your most valuable assets. In addition to vehicles, many homeowners store lawn equipment, sporting goods, or more in this structure. To keep these items safe, you may wish to incorporate security features into the building design. Consider investing in fireproofing, sturdy doors, and more. We even offer options to protect against termites and other creatures that may do harm to the structure. Share your security concerns and we’ll try to find a solution that puts your mind at rest.


It’s very frustrating to have a garage that doesn’t have designated spots for various items. Requesting a custom structure allows you to maintain more control over the internal environment of the building. You can enter the garage, quickly grab the items you need, and go about your day.

Minimal Clutter

Imagine entering the garage only to find your vehicle has been damaged by one or more falling items. This horror greets many when they go to get an item or their vehicle out of the garage. The space remains neat and tidy when you have a place for everything you want to store in the structure. Choose from hanging solutions, cabinets, shelves, overhead racks, and more.

Increased Property Value

Most Americans own a car today, possibly more. When you add a new garage to the home, you add to the value of the property. Although homeowners cannot expect to see their home sale price increase by 38 percent when they add a garage as homeowners in Chicago do, the benefits of adding a garage will be seen when the time comes to sell the home. However, Springfield saw winds of 74 mph in 2018. Imagine the debris flying through the air during this weather event and the damage the debris could do due to vehicles, lawn equipment, and more. Homeowners want to protect their assets and a garage helps them do so. As a result, they are willing to pay more for a home with this feature.

Curb Appeal

An aesthetically pleasing garage adds to the curb appeal of the residence. When speaking with garage builder services, make certain the finished design blends in with other features of the property. Homeowners who do so find they add to the value of the properties while adding value to their lives with the help of this addition.

Increased Living Space

Individuals find they can use their garage for more than storing vehicles or equipment. The garage may serve as a man cave or she-shed, provide space to engage in your favorite hobbies, or give you an area for working out. The ideas are endless when you choose to put a structure of this type on your property. Kids can even use the space as a playroom when vehicles aren’t present, so long as they have adult supervision.

Garages now serve as an integral part of the home. They fulfill many purposes in a person’s daily activities and add to the exterior appeal of the residence. When a person decides to have this structure custom-built, they find they retain more control over every aspect of the process. If you have yet to consider this option, now is the time to do so. Every homeowner should get the most from their residence and a garage helps to ensure they do.

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