Tips for Keeping Your Garage Cool in the Summer


Summertime is a great time to start new projects and enjoy hobbies more often, and garages are terrific spaces to utilize for these activities. The longer daylight hours give owners more time to spend outside. However, garages can become too hot during the late summer months, and the owner must find ways to cool the structure faster. By learning new tips for cooling down the garage, property owners can keep the space at a comfortable temperature, and the owners can enjoy more of their favorite summertime activities.  

Install Better Insulation

The insulation in the garage determines how well exterior air is blocked from the space, and homeowners may need to replace the existing insulation to get the most benefits. Higher grade insulation keeps the garage cooler in summer and warmer in winter. A custom garage installation can provide the owner with better insulation and prevent the garage from getting too hot in the summer. 

Block Direct Sunlight

Property owners can block direct sunlight from reaching the interior of the garage to keep the space cooler, and trees and awnings are top choices for cooling down the garage. By planting a tree in the light of direct sunlight, the tree will prevent the sun from beating down on the space. Direct sunlight, especially around noon, can make the garage reach extreme temperatures, and property owners who use their garages for workspaces are at risk of heatstroke and heat exhaustion. 

Keep the Garage Clutter-Free

Clutter inside the garage can keep heat inside the interior driving the temperatures up in summer, and too much stuff in the space can prevent proper ventilation. Cluttered spaces are also attractive to pests that want to infest the space. By removing unwanted items from the garage, the owner can lower the temperatures in summer, and plenty of air can pass throughout the garage. A garage contractor can design better options for keeping the space more organized and preventing clutter. 

Installing Ceiling Fans or Air Conditioning

Ceiling fans and air conditioning can control the temperatures inside the garage, and the owner can use the space more often. The ceiling fan can force hot air out of the garage, and all AC units have thermostats to control the temperatures. Owners can use the new garage and stay comfortable with the right cooling unit, and the garage will be ideal for hobbies, new projects, or storing seasonal items.  

All Vehicles to Cool Down

When the owner arrives home, contractors recommend allowing the vehicle to cool down before driving into the garage, and a cooler engine won’t generate excessive heat. The tactic can prevent excess heat from getting into the garage or affecting the temperatures. If the owner does this each day, the garage is more comfortable during the same, and heat won’t become trapped in the garage and increase heat risks to the vehicle or stored items. 

Let the Garage Vent

By opening the doors, any air that has been trapped inside the space will vent out the doors, and the garage will cool down faster. Owners can open the doors for a few hours a day to get the benefits. Even with proper ventilation, garages can stay hotter in the summer, and opening the doors can allow cooler air into the garage. 

Where to Get Garage Services

At Midwestern Garage Builders, we provide traditional and custom garage installations for all property owners in our service area. Our company has a long history of high-quality installations, and we create more modern garage designs to meet the needs of all homeowners. To learn more about our garage services, contact us today!

The summer months bring excessively hot temperatures, and the garage can come incredibly hot quickly. There are steps homeowners can follow to keep the garage cooler. The steps could include blocking direct sunlight from reaching any angle of the garage, or the owner can install ceiling fans or even an air conditioning unit to control the temperatures. 

Clutter in the garage can cause heat to become trapped in the garage, and better organization and clutter removal can help owners control interior temperatures. The insulation installed in the garage affects the temperatures, too. Experts suggest that property owners should let their vehicles cool down before driving the cars into the garage, and this can prevent a hotter engine temperature from adding more heat to the garage.  

Garage contractors can create customized garage designs that address extreme temperatures, and owners can use the garages for more than just storing their vehicles. Garages are great spaces for hobbies and maintenance tasks. Property owners can learn more tips by contacting a contractor now.