Remodel Tips For Your Dream Garage


Over the years, garages have morphed into being something other than just a place to store vehicles and lawn care equipment. This type of space is now used for everything from home gym equipment to storage for seasonal decorations. As this change has taken over, so has the need for remodels making the area not only functional but also appealing to the eye. While thinking of ways to redesign, there are a number of tips one should consider in order to maximize the use of the space and appeal.

1. Clean the Space

Since many of these types of spaces have become the official catch-all of the home, it is important that a person begins with cleaning the space of all trash and unwanted items. This allows for a better overview of the area so that the space can be maximized to the highest potential. This allows for the time to decide what things need to stay so that ample and proper storage can be created. Once all of the items are removed, this gives the opportunity for completely cleaning the space. The cleaning should include the floors, windows, walls, and ceiling.

2. Organize the New Layout

Now that the space is cleaned out, it is time to decide how the new layout should be. The first decision should be deciding what is going to be permanently stored here. Is it going to be tools and lawn care only? Will there also need to be room for one vehicle or possibly two? Will things such as decorations and clothing be stored? All of these types of questions are important so that it can be determined how to fit everything in the most efficient way. For instance, if it is decided that gym equipment will be used here, then it may be important that equipment be placed beside an electrical outlet or where the most airflow will come from while exercising.

3. Storage & Shelving Units

Now that the layout has been decided, it is time to decide on storage systems and shelving. Wall shelving allows the garage to utilize more than floor space alone. The height of shelving can also create an abundance of storage. Hanging sturdy overhead shelving can allow things that are not used frequently to be stored and out of the way yet still accessible. Other things, such as tools, can be hung directly onto the wall using pegboards to allow for more easily organized everyday items. Storage containers are extremely useful for organization & protection. Cardboard boxes are easily damaged and can cause the contents to also be damaged, many times beyond repair. Plastic storage containers can protect valuable keepsakes and other items from a variety of damage, such as from water and chemicals.

4. Lighting

Ineffective or poor lighting can oftentimes deter the use of the room. The remodeling phase is the opportune time to add additional or upgrade the current lighting. The addition of windows is another alternative to old lighting. The natural lighting that windows provide can be more inviting versus industrial versions of light. Upgrading current windows using weather stripping or all new energy-efficient windows can cut down on the heating and cooling cost of the space. Utilizing any of these suggestions will brighten the area adding to the ambiance and encouraging more use.

5. Flooring & Painting

New flooring and repainting are both alternative ways to freshen up spaces. Painting is always a cost-efficient way to brighten and make an area look new. New flooring can be as inexpensive or costly as a budget allows. Concrete floors can be repainted very inexpensively or new flooring such as vinyl can be added at an additional cost. Any type of flooring is an option depending on what kind of space is being created.

6. Additions

While the space is clean and being organized, why not think of also adding some additions? There are many things that can be added especially if the current space has never been updated. A garage door update can be a huge improvement. With new technology, smart doors are an option and can provide an additional layer of safety to the home. A more simple approach of installing a door that can be remotely opened and closed can be both efficient as well as safer for the home.

Perhaps the insulation in the space is old and causing climate issues for some of the stored items and making the room uncomfortable in the cold Illinois winter months. In that case, this is the most advantageous time to add more insulation. Or, how about outlets? Many times, there are very few outlets in this type of room, but adding more can increase the number of items that can be utilized in that space. These additions can really add value and efficiency to the custom garage.

7. Creating an Entirely New Room

Perhaps while cleaning and organizing you have decided that a completely new type of room is the better option. Many times, these spaces have been renovated into an extra room for games such as pool tables, man/woman caves, or additional living space. If this is the type of remodeling is for you then contacting a custom garage builder may be the best idea. This type of builder is qualified to follow any state or local permitting guidelines as well as fundamental structural issues.

Whether it is a simple remodel for organizational purposes or a full remodel of creating a new space, the undertaking can be daunting but worth the time and money. When it is done correctly using the above-mentioned tips, it can add usefulness and value to any home.

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