Organizing Your Garage with the Help of a Garage Builder


The garage in many homes serves as a storage space and catch-all for items that don’t have a dedicated space anywhere else. Toys, tools, sports equipment, and more make their way into this area of the home. If the garage lacks organization, it may not be suitable for storing a vehicle, and people often discover they cannot find items when they need them.

Storage ideas are helpful for organizing the garage and ensuring everything has a home. However, a person needs to know what storage items will serve them best. For example, shelving helps to organize bins and boxes, while tools often benefit from a wall storage system. When working with a garage builder, consider a range of storage ideas to find those that best meet your needs.

Wall Shelves

When floor space remains limited in a garage, consider making use of all available wall space. Shelves on the wall offer a holding space for small and medium bins, and people may wish to invest in pre-constructed shelving units. Today, they came in a variety of sizes, strengths, and prices.

Track System

Track systems come with a horizontal track. The user installs adjustable grips or hooks on this track to hang different items in the garage. People often use a track system for their gardening tools, as the system allows a person to access items they use frequently while ensuring everything remains organized.

Standalone Hooks

Bulky items often do best when they are given their own hooks, and these hooks make it easy to use the wall space in the garage efficiently. Use hooks for ladders, hoses, bicycles, and more.


In the past, a person couldn’t enter a garage without seeing at least one pegboard. People used this method to store small hand tools and other frequently used items. Install a pegboard over a workbench and always have what you need within easy reach.

Standalone Shelving Units

A person may not want to install shelves on a wall. For example, someone who rents a property and those who know they will be moving in a few years may not feel comfortable installing something permanently. Standalone units allow them to move things off of the floor and benefit from vertical space. Invest in durable units and take them when you move so you can organize your next home without spending a large amount of money to do so.

Retractable Reels

Many people use power tools throughout the garage. They need extension cords to power these tools, so they aren’t tethered to one spot due to the length of the power tool cord. Retractable reels provide easy access to extension cords, and the cords can be put away quickly when they are no longer needed.

Overhead Storage

People often neglect the space above them when organizing a garage, and they are missing out. Using the space under the ceiling is a great way to store bulky items that are only used occasionally. This includes camping gear and seasonal sports equipment.

Many people are now creating an overhead rack for plastic storage totes. This involves nothing more than screwing 2×4 pieces of board to the ceiling with 3.5″ screws placed every 24″ in the boards. Ensure the screws go through the boards into the ceiling joists. Next, take a 1X4 and screw it into each 2×4 with a two inch screw. This creates a lip that will hold the bins off of the floor and out of the way.

PVC Pipes

PVC pipes serve many functions other than plumbing. A person can easily screw or mount PVC pipe to their garage wall to hold gardening tools, among other things. Find the right diameter pipe for the item to be held and cut the pipe to the desired length. Mount the pipe sections parallel to the wall or at a 45-degree angle.

Sports Ball Holders

How many times have parents tripped over their kid’s soccer ball or basketball in the garage? Today, manufacturers make vertical racks that hold these balls so they don’t end up on the ground and underfoot. The child can get the ball when they need it and make it a game to throw the ball back into the rack when they are done. Another option involves installing a net to hold the balls up and out of the way.

Storage Racks from Shipping Pallets

Pick up discarded wooden pallets and use them to organize the garage. Mount the pallet on a wall and use it to hold long-handled tools such as rakes and brooms. The tools slide easily into the space between the pallet’s boards. To get the most from the pallet, add some small hanging baskets to the slats and use them to hold items such as screws, small tools, or hats and gloves for outdoor wear.

Mason Jars

Mason jaws can be mounted to the bottom of wood shelves in the garage to hold small items like screws or nails. Simply screw the lid of a mason jar to the bottom of the shelf or use epoxy to mount the lid in the desired location permanently. Once a jar is filled, simply screw the jar into the lid and the items are kept neatly away until they are needed again.

What works for one individual won’t be appropriate for another. Consider the items you have in your garage and how best to move them out of the way while ensuring they remain easily accessible. One person might find they need a track system and overhead bins, while another individual needs storage for smaller items and will benefit from wall shelving and mason jar storage.

Don’t feel you need to spend a fortune to organize the garage. Make use of repurposed items or buy second-hand goods to use for organization. Ensure every inch of space is utilized fully and soon you will see that your garage is neat, clean, and orderly. You’ll enjoy it more when this is the case.

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