How a New Garage Improves Property Value


The garage is a key component of a home’s curb appeal not only because it accents the property but also by keeping vehicles and large lawn equipment out of sight to create a more pleasant and unobstructed visual experience. Homeowners who value a pristine look to their property should consider constructing a new garage that offers the desired amount of storage space and boosts the overall design aesthetic. These factors will help increase a home’s resale value instead of becoming a lackluster addition.

Expert Garage Construction in the Midwest

Providing expert structural craftsmanship to the residents of Springfield, IL, and surrounding areas, Midwest Garage Builders has been erecting custom designs for over two decades. The team of fully licensed and insured technicians work quickly and efficiently, priding themselves in the quality of structures they can produce without cutting corners. With years of experience and training under their belt, no project will ever be considered too big or outlandish.

Build the Garage of One’s Dreams

A homeowner in need of a garage remodel or entirely new build doesn’t have to go with an average, plain design. Midwest specializes in custom garage design and construction that fits each homeowner’s needs while complementing the existing structures found on the property. A thorough consultation with each client will establish the project specifics before a technician inspects, photographs, and measures the area. This process includes any type of garage build, including everything from a tiny one-car building to an expansive, two-story structure that can house three to four vehicles.

A Negotiable Quote Lays Out the Details

Every aspect of the garage is taken into consideration during the formation of the quote. This includes elements like the number and style of doors and windows, the type of roofing and siding, the need for a bare concrete floor or specialized coating, electrical wiring, amount of drywall, etc. The representative will always guide clients to options that fit within their budget while still meeting the desired design.

Don’t Be Frightened by the Purposed Cost

Customers with financial concerns can depend on the trusted garage contractor to provide them with the best price possible. Midwest Garage Builders will not be undersold by any competitors—a promise that guarantees affordability for each client. Springfield homeowners who need a little help covering the project costs can also benefit from the company’s accredited financing options. A trusted financial representative will help establish an affordable payment program that comes with no hidden fees or outrageous interest rates.

Seek Information From Successful Builds

Homeowners that have an idea for a new garage design but need some inspiration to help flesh out their vision can turn to online project galleries. Springfield, IL, companies like Midwest have dedicated a portion of their website to detailed photos of completed projects. The numerous garage builds showcased can encourage homeowners to consider design elements that will enhance curb appeal even if they are a little out of their comfort zone. These enrichments can give a garage that extra flourish needed to increase the property value and make a home more appealing.