Garage Spring Cleaning Tips


Property owners install garages to give them ample space for seasonal items such as decorations that won’t fit inside their home. The spaces are great for getting out of their cars without security risks and prevent outsiders from gaining immediate access to their cars.

With the right design, homeowners get garages that have extra space for lawn and garden equipment, and the units could get climate-controlled to prevent the items from getting damaged. The garages may have security features such as cameras that connect to the homeowner’s security system and lights that used motion detections. They could also get safety doors that won’t close if anything is detected underneath the doors.

Remove Everything from Inside the Garage

By removing everything, property owners can get a clear view of their garage and determine the best options for cleaning it and getting it ready for items they want to keep. When cleaning it out, it is best to start with a clean slate. With all the items out of the garage, the property owner can see if they need a new garage, or if their current installation is still viable.

Review the Condition of the Garage

If there are any obvious signs of damage, the property owner must schedule repairs quickly. Property damage could present issues later such as air leaks that allow the elements to damage items they store in the space. If the floor is cracked, they will need to repair it and coat it to prevent more structural damage.

Scrub Down the Walls and Floor

Garages are a common place to find oil and other auto-related fluids on the flooring. Products designed for oil can soak it up quickly and decrease the risk of flooring damage. It will pull the oil from the flooring and make it easier to clean the entire surface properly. The property owner will want to scrub down the flooring after they sweep up the dirt and debris to clean away oil and other chemicals they find on the flooring.

Determine What You Want to Keep

When reviewing the items that were inside the space, the property owner must start different piles to go through them more effectively. It’s beneficial to place them in piles according to what they will do with the items. For instance, they can set up a pile for items they will keep and box up items they are getting rid of.

When separating the items, they must consider what items are still useful to them or others. They shouldn’t place any items back into the clean space that they aren’t keeping because it will just get cluttered and piled up all over again.

Host a Garage Sale

Items that are still viable could turn a profit for the homeowner, and it is a great idea for them to host a yard sale. Many customers shop yard sales on the weekends, and it is great to carve out some time for the event. The property owner can put up signs that lead to their home providing the date and time for the yard sale. They can also list it on social media to attract more buyers.

Items that are more valuable, such as jewelry or artwork could be sold online through auction platforms. The property owner will get paid at the end of the auction according to their settings, and they should never list the items for less than they are worth.

Donate Items You Didn’t Sell

Any items that the homeowner doesn’t want that are still useful could be donated to a thrift store. Many thrift stores throughout the city provide assistance for low-income families and give them much-needed items such as household goods and clothing.

The items are priced lower than average, and the thrift store will sell them quickly. The property owner could get a receipt for their donations and deduct the value listed on their receipt on their taxes the following year. It gets the items into the hands of people who need them, and the property owners get clean garages that are clutter-free. It’s a great opportunity to give back to the neighborhood.

Where to Get Services

Midwest Garage Builders offers exceptional garage services for residential property owners, and they complete new installations, repairs, and maintenance services. They will complete a full inspection of the spaces and set up repairs as needed.

The service provider can complete new door installations that increase security and prevent serious risks to the property owners. Homeowners can learn more about the services by contacting the service provider directly and setting up an appointment right now.

Review Storage for the Items You’re Keeping

A custom garage could give the homeowner extra storage space and places to hang all their tools. They can install shelving that is great for seasonal decorations or overstock of household items. The new installations could provide the homeowner with enough space for lawn and garden equipment they need to keep their property’s exterior looking great.

The installations could provide them with more space for automobiles and keep them more secure every day. The designs could provide them with an immediate connection with their kitchen and allow them to get out of their cars in an enclosed space that prevents outsiders from getting in. The designs can make it possible for them to use climate-control systems to prevent items inside the unit from getting damaged because of the elements.

Property owners install garages for easy automobile storage and for stashing items they will use later. Unfortunately, garages can become cluttered quickly, and the property owner will need to clean it out to eliminate the clutter that presents the risk of property damage. A cluttered space could provide a breeding ground for pests and prevent the property owner from using it for storage.

When cleaning out the garages, the property owners must remove all items from the garage to inspect it for damage and repair the damage quickly. Service providers could provide them with a custom design that gives them all the fixtures they need for a cluttered-free and organized space.