Garage Building Services in Springfield, IL

Unless they’re found in cities, most single-family residential homes feature either an attached or detached garage. These specialized spaces give residents a place to park their cars, work on projects, or just store tools and other belongings that won’t fit or don’t belong in the house. Homeowners who are considering adding garages to their properties can read on to find out everything they need to know.

Top Reasons to Install Garages

Garages are so ubiquitous in some parts of the country, most people take them for granted. Those who have never lived in homes that featured this kind of extra space may not know what they’re missing. While everyone has a different set of reasons for calling a garage-building service, there are a few benefits of installing garages that just about everyone will appreciate.

It’s Better for the Car

Garages were originally designed specifically to provide homeowners with a safe, indoor space to store their vehicles. Parking cars in residential garages has many unique benefits. They include:

Garages Have Diverse Uses

Not all families use their garages exclusively for storing their vehicles when they are not on the road, and that’s just fine. Garages, with their large, open spaces and huge vehicle entry doors, lend themselves to a wide variety of practical uses.

Some people use them to store seasonal items like lawn tools or Christmas decorations. Others add workbenches and head out to their garages to get some extra peace and quiet to complete complex projects. Some even install pool tables or other features in their garages and use them as extra living space.

Modern garages are large enough to accommodate all of these needs. There’s nothing wrong with storing a car on one side and setting up a workbench on the other.

Improved Curb Appeal

Modern garages are designed to be both functional and fashionable, which means they can add substantially to a home’s curb appeal. Homeowners can even install custom doors that match the color and style of their houses’ exteriors. Combined with other high-quality materials and excellent craftsmanship, custom doors can turn an otherwise boring outbuilding into a work of art.

Increased Property Values

Well-built garages can also increase property values. That doesn’t just mean that homeowners will make more back from their investments if they decide to sell. It also means they’ll have more equity in their properties as they hold them, opening up lots of financial possibilities.

Affordable Cost

Even high-quality garages aren’t as expensive to build as some home additions. Homeowners who are working on a budget don’t need to cut corners, either. They can find contractors who specialize in building garages at affordable prices.

What to Expect During the Building Process

Garages are specialty buildings that must meet a number of unique requirements. They need flooring that’s strong enough to withstand the weight of passenger vehicles and the potential for automotive fluid leaks. Their doors must be large enough to accommodate vehicular traffic. Plus, they need to be wide-open to provide homeowners and their families with the maximum amount of space.

In other words: building garages is work best left to experienced professionals. That said, most homeowners want to know what to expect when they work with a contractor. Here’s a rundown of what the process entails.

Step One: Discussing Details and Signing a Contract

Contractors who specialize in building garages have in-depth knowledge of every step of the building process, from obtaining permits to adding custom design features. Before customers even sign on the dotted line, they’ll take the time to discuss site limitations, design options, and materials and offer a detailed quote for the project. Clients will have the chance to thoroughly review the contract before they sign it and move forward with the project.

Step Two: Obtaining Permits

One of the benefits of working with specialized contractors is that they also have an in-depth knowledge of local building codes and permitting processes. They’ll make sure everything is in order before breaking ground on the new construction so that their clients don’t have to go through the hassle of navigating local bureaucracy themselves.

Step Three: Site Survey and Preparation

Obtaining building permits requires performing site surveys. The contractors will take care of that before returning to prep the site. This may involve removing vegetation, stabilizing soil, and creating a flat spot. Once that’s finished, the contractors will create a crushed gravel base and pour concrete to create a level pad for the new structure.

Step Four: Framing and Building

Contractors will start from the ground up by framing in the walls, then the roof. Once the framing is up, they will use 7/16″ plywood to construct the walls. Modern builders use vinyl siding to complete the exterior walls, but that sheathing doesn’t go on until later in the process. Most garages feature shingle roofs, but those won’t go up until after the contractors have finished building the basic structure.

Finishing garages is a lot like finishing residential homes. It involves installing soffit, fascia, and troughing to the roof, framing in and installing doors and windows, and adding wraps and siding to secure the building against the elements. Some clients also request insulation, although that’s not strictly necessary for most garages.

Step Five: Adding Utilities

All modern garages are connected to the electrical grid. Many also feature plumbing. The electrical wires and plumbing pipes for these utilities should be installed during the initial construction process.

Step Six: Final Inspections

Reputable contractors know that their jobs aren’t over until the building has been thoroughly inspected for safety. Once the building passes inspection, homeowners will be free to enjoy it as they see fit.

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