Choosing the Right Size Garage for Your House


Many homeowners find that having a garage protects their vehicle from the harsh elements. A garage can also provide security for the vehicle and prevent break-ins or theft of the vehicle. A garage is also a great place to store yard equipment or even provide a workspace for various projects that cannot be completed indoors.

With all the benefits a garage can provide, it is no wonder so many homeowners choose to have a garage built. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not have the first clue when it comes to what size garage they may need to meet all of their needs and expectations.

Building a Garage

There are a lot of things that go into building a custom garage on a property. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware of the details that must be considered before a plan can be determined. It is impossible for a company to provide a complete estimate on a garage without knowing a variety of details.

There are a lot of factors that go into a garage build. This requires that the builder works closely with homeowners to determine the best options available to them. That ensures the homeowners needs are met while maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing garage.

The Space

One aspect of a garage that must be considered before it can be built is the place where it is to be built. The land that the garage is to be placed on must meet certain specifications to ensure the structure can be built and will stand for many years.

There must be land that is large enough to fit the entirety of the garage without encroaching on a neighbors property. Even accidentally building the garage partially on another property could pose serious consequences and may even require the garage to be removed.

Other things that must be considered about the land before a builder can consider starting the project is if the land is ready. Before construction can begin, the land must be clear and level. This allows the builder to lay a proper foundation that will provide the support the garage will need.

If there are trees or shrubs on the property, the property will need to be cleared. This will include the tree stumps and much of the root system that may interfere with the foundation of the garage. If the property is uneven, homeowners may consider having the property leveled. Leveling the property will make building a garage properly much easier for everyone.

Type of Vehicle

The next aspect that must be considered before building a garage is the type of vehicle or vehicles that will be parked in the garage. The contractor will need to know the proper length to ensure the vehicles will fit inside and allow the garage door to be closed with ease.

Not all vehicles are created the same. There are mini and compact cars that may only be five to six feet wide and less than 15 feet in length. These vehicles can fit in almost any space provided. However, if choosing a mid-size car or planning to get a larger pickup truck or SUV, these vehicles can be up to seven feet wide and 22 feet long.

It is important to ensure the garage will hold any vehicle a homeowner may drive. It may be a good idea for homeowners to make their garage larger to provide room for a bigger vehicle if they ever decide to purchase such a vehicle. It can be quite disconcerting to buy a new vehicle that will not fit in their garage.

Even if the homeowner plans to only ever drive a compact vehicle, it may be a good idea to make the garage a little larger to fit more mid-sized vehicles. Although the homeowner may never drive a mid-sized, this is the average car length that most people drive. Having an average sized garage may make it easier to attract buyers when planning to sell the home in the future.

Garage Storage and Projects

If the garage is only ever going to be used to store vehicles, then the process is complete and building can begin. However, most homeowners use their garages for a variety of purposes. This makes it important that the garage be created to suit those specific needs.

If storage is needed, then there should be extra space provided to easily store any yard equipment in an area that can easily be accessed when needed. For seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, more effort may be needed to provide a safe area for the stored materials. Waterproofing and insulation may be a good idea to keep these things safe.

If the garage is to be used for projects, then more work may be necessary to meet the homeowner’s needs. For example, if planning woodworking projects, there may be a need for additional electrical outlets for the equipment. Better lighting may also be needed to maintain a safe working environment.

Some homeowners like to make areas off of their garages to complete more artistic projects, such as a painting area or to work with clay. In these instances, water may be necessary to properly complete projects. Working with the builders, homeowners can look into building a washroom or other water feature in their garage to ensure it meets their personal needs.


When planning to build a garage, it is important to work directly with the team that is planning to build the garage. They can sit down with homeowners and determine the best course of action to meet the needs and wants of the homeowner in the best manner possible.

The first phase of a build will include an inspection of the property and a discussion with the homeowners to assess what is needed. Next, the team will create a design that will work best. Once the homeowner approves, work can begin to build the right garage for the home.

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